Frequently Asked Question

Is all the participant movies be published online and voted?

All movies that in accordance with rules and have required display and sound quality, will be published and voted. (Evaluation committee may decide to publish a movie even so low display and sound quality)

How the movies will be grouped during representation and voting?

All the participant movies will be grouped by 3 as their own category, for a fair voting and audience system. Groups will be created as the movies categories. (For some uncategorized movies, groups will be determined by draw.)

Will there be a fair system and reliability for audience voting?

All spectators will be able to vote just 1 times. Voting will be completely clear and all participant directors and producers will be able to follow voting clearly. All required technical provisions are mad efor a fair voting system!

How you will decide for Jury’s Special Award?

Pointing system for Jury’s Special Awards can be seen below:

(0.8 * Jury’s Total Point + 0.2 * Festival Team Total Point).

The movie has highest score will win the Jury’s Special Award. To be able to see all voting transparently, all scoring points of jury’s / team’s for all movies will be presented as an excel file at the end of every months festival.

How will interviews be done with the winner directors?

If the directors desire to do an interview as written or video, and festival team decides that interview is proper for publishing, all interviews will be published on our social media channels and website.